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Local Electrician

Qualifications of Local Electrician

Breakdown of electrical appliances/installations can be a source of a big nuisance since everyone is busy in day-to-day jobs. It’s extremely important that any technician called for such a scenario is properly qualified. Being an electrician is a specialized career and requires specific qualifications, training and experience.  Any quacks hired for such situations may cause havoc with repair/installation jobs of electrical items.

Electricians are always in high demand in the United Kingdom. Because the market for new homes is intense, there is a high demand for an electrician’s services.  As per legislation of the UK, a person can become a local electrician if he carries a recognized level 3 qualification for example a level 3 diploma in electro-technical services. With this, a technician should have passed GCSEs grade D or above preferably with a combination of Math and English.

A well-known title in construction industry, an apprenticeship known as traditional and most valued method of becoming Electrician. He should also have undergone an apprenticeship of two to four years to get into profession. Electrical Apprentices benefit from having on-site experience and guidance from experienced Electricians along with technical training at a college or training centre. 

National Inspection Council for Electrical Installation Contracting (NICEIC) overseen the work and training of Local Electricians. Asking the NICEIC registration number and ID card of an electrician is the simplest way to check his qualification.

Positive Contractors Ltd offers services of these Local Electricians who are NICEIC qualified and carry a valid certificate. They requires Local Electricians to carry their NICEIC cards every visit in residential as well as commercial premises. Customers can demand these cards from our technicians. Also, they can verify details contained therein by clicking NICEIC’s website where service of verification of details is available.

Contact Local Electricians to require services or repair/installation works of electrical nature.