Positive Contractors offer a highly comprehensive range of commercial services across London and Essex.

We can carry out testing and remedial works out of hours, to avoid any downtime to your business.

We offer quality design, installation, repair and maintenance of commercial electrical works in sectors such as offices, schools, hospitals, and new builds.

Offering a team of skilled commercial electricians combined with the latest and greatest in technology is what allows us to make ease of even the most complicated requirements!

All works are carried out to the latest edition of the wiring regulations.


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Positive Contractors is one of the top commercial electrical services providers in London, Essex, and surrounding areas. We understand that commercial electrical projects are intricate and require expertise and top skills than domestic electrical services. This is one reason you have to call a professional for all your commercial electrical services in London.

Don’t make the mistake of cutting corners or getting an inexperienced London Electrician to handle your commercial electrical problems. These require someone with understanding and far greater expertise as well as experience. At Positive Contractors, we provide a wide range of commercial electrical services to suit our clients.

Safety is a top concern when it comes to commercial electrical services. Your property or business is put in jeopardy by faulty wiring and electrical installations. Don’t take the risk or wait to smell the wiring burning and the lights dim to know there is a problem. Get the best at Positive Contractors. We believe in doing the job right from the word go, from the materials, design, installation as well as repairs and maintenance.

Our skilled professional electricians at Positive Contractorss provide you with detailed explanations and up-front pricing free of overtime charges and unexpected expenses. We also strive to protect your business by obtaining the required permits, approvals, and inspections as required by the laws and local regulations.

We also have the latest training, tools, information, and technology to ensure the success of any commercial project you have. Our team is also experienced, and no commercial project or problem is tough for we have encountered this before. Contact us today and get your commercial electrical services handled by a professional London Electrician. Get it right the first time and prevent delay, and safety hazards anywhere in your property.




All businesses must have emergency lighting to enable all occupants to evacuate the premises safely.

This is a statutory requirement as part of the regulatory reform (fire safety) order 2005 requiring monthly testing.

We can carry out testing and remedial works out of hours, to avoid any downtime to your business.

Our services and scheduling will enable you are always compliant and never forgot to carry out testing ensuring your business is safe.


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Keep your fire alarm equipment within code, updated, and maintained all the time with our team well versed in local AHJ requirements and NFPA codes.

We can support and maintain current system as well as help you migrate to new cost-effective system recommended by the local AHJ.

When your fire alarm is inspected and maintained regularly, it works better keeping the safety of your property on top. We are set apart from our competition by our reasonably priced installations and inspections plus service rates.




All fixed electrical installations deteriorate with usage and time and some might become a fire hazard.

An Electric Installation Condition Report (ECIR) is a fixed wire inspection which outlines any issues with fixed wiring circuits that might present a risk.

It is a requirement by law to have all fixed electrical installations periodically inspected and tested by a qualified engineer and not doing so may render your insurances invalid.

At Positive Contractors, we offer ECIR inspections and testing to help flush out any problems or issues with your fixed wiring installations. We ensure all the electrical systems are well installed and functioning properly to make your commercial residence compliant.

Call us today and book an inspection.


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