Clogged toilets can be messy and embarrassing, but repeated clogged toilets can be frustrating. Toilets that keep clogging are likely a source of frustration for your household. So, you’ve probably tried to figure out what’s causing this recurring problem. There are several reasons why toilets keep clogging. Sometimes altering household habits can avoid clogged toilets, while others require the services of a plumber.

Now the question is, what are the reasons why toilets keep clogging?

Older toilet problems

In most cases, toilet clogs form because of the toilet itself. Early low-flow toilet models were successful in conserving water at home. However, they usually need more pressure to clear materials completely. When pressure levels are too low, materials stick in the toilet and sewer line, causing repeated blockages.

Flushing non-flushable materials

One of the common reasons why toilets keep clogging is flushing foreign objects down the toilet. Do not flush any other bathroom waste down the toilet. Toilets are only for human waste and toilet paper. Frequently, non-flushable items end up in toilets and cause them to clog. If you don’t handle these items correctly, you could end up with a clogged toilet drain line or sewer line.

Clogged Drain Lines

When a drain line is old, it may frequently clog, even when flushing just regular waste and paper products. In addition to hair and paper, foreign objects and old drain lines can clog toilets.

It’s clogged in the S-Trap

In a nutshell, an S trap keeps sewer gases from entering your home through your toilet drain. However, they may also become clogged over time.

Problems with venting

Did you know that one of the reasons why toilets keep clogging is due to vents in your roof? You might not be able to flush your toilet correctly if there’s a problem with the ventilation pipe on your roof. Thus, an incorrectly constructed or installed vent can cause problems, as can a clump of old leaves blocking a line.

A slow septic system

When a septic system turns over too slowly, it can clog your toilets. Therefore, maintaining a healthy septic system with a proper balance is essential for ideal drainage.

There are many reasons why toilets keep clogging. Call Positive Contractors today if you have experienced any of those reasons. As experts in plumbing repairs and drain cleaning, we resolve issues quickly and prevent clogs from occurring in the future. If clogs occur continually, contact us immediately.