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Positive Contractors is an intercom systems provider ( Door Entry). We provide intercoms used to communicate with a source within the premises before they are allowed access to the property. Intercoms are used to control access to your property and also make it easy to account for whoever accesses the premises at any time.

There are different intercom systems installed today, and all depend on your budget plus user preferences.

You might not be sure of the system you want for your property, but we are here for you. Let our experienced specialists assess the property and your intercom needs and advise you on the best to choose. Intercoms needs differ with the size of the property, complexity, security required, and the sensitivity of the environment.


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Benefits of Intercom System:

With our intercom system installations, you can identify each and every visitor since they have to buzz at the gate or the door for you to open. We install and connect intercom systems with CCTV and access control systems to make your job easy. With this connection, you are able to see on your monitor the person requesting access and choose to open the door wherever you are in the building.

We understand that the needs of every building when it comes to intercoms is different and requires customization. We work with our clients making sure they are involved in every step of the way during installation. We also don’t leave everyone hanging at the end of the installation. We take our time and train the client and employees on how to use the intercoms efficiently. We also come back in case of any challenges and offer to help free of charge.

Let us help you keep your premises secure with regulated access through intercoms systems. Call us today and get a quote for your property.


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