Life is busy and fast paced in the modern world. Everyone is engrossed with day to day work so much that there’s little time to cater to nuisances such as looking after domestic equipment. Therefore, if any incident like a breakdown of any household items occur, it’s a huge mess to look after. Positive Contractors Ltd, offers the services of ‘Electrician Near Me’ whereby we have electricians available for work near your home/business place.

Should there be any occurrence of electrical breakdown, ‘Electrician Near Me’’ would be available at your doorstep for instant repair of the problem.


Electricians Essex | Electrical certificate Essex | Emergency electricians for electrical services
Electricians Essex | Electrical certificate Essex | Local electrician doing an emergency boiler repair.

 key features

Services offered

Our mission statement at ‘Electrician Near Me’ is: ‘we treat each home/business as our own’. Therefore, expect work of highest quality having maximum standards of cleanliness and tidiness with no later disruption.

Contact ‘Electrician Near Me’ today and get the best possible return for your money. Our electricians are knowledgeable, skilled, and experienced in overcoming issues regarding repair/ maintenance of electrical appliances in business or home.

  1. Availability of technicians 24/7 i.e. round the clock.
  2. Services include testing/inspection/ installation of electrical items.
  3. We provide a range of services: from minor items like switches fixation to major jobs such as full and partial rewiring of the premises.

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Likewise, a vast range of electrical products ranging from sockets to transformers is looked after by technicians of ‘Electrician Near Me’.

Electrician Near Me’ technicians will carry spare items like sockets, additional wiring etc. for on-the-spot quick fixation of problems.

Additional items installed by ‘Electrician Near Me’ would be provided at cost of purchase with no additional charges. Purchase invoice of such items would be presentable in case of requisition by customers.

Rates offered by ‘Electrician Near Me’ are economic and competitive (free estimate for large orders of installation/repairs is also available).