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At Positive Contractors, we understand the unexpected can happen and you find yourself in need of emergency electrical services… you want issues rectified immediately, safely and economically.
A family run electrical company Positive Contractors Ltd offer a wide array of electrical services for homeowners and landlords all be it domestic commercial or industrial. With us, you don’t have to wait until tomorrow for help you need and can get now. Give us a call, and our team arrives swiftly to handle your electrical works

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5 Reasons to Call an Emergency Electrician Today

Both homeowners and commercial property managers need to hire local electricians for a variety of reasons, but some need more immediate attention than others. Hire an emergency electrician in London when something unexpected happens that disrupts your quality of life and ability to use all your systems and gadgets the way you need. The most important thing to remember is that an emergency electrician is your best line of defense against a real catastrophe like a complete system failure or a building fire.

1 – Shock From the System

This serious problem manifests in two different ways. First, you may experience a small shock that feels like static electricity when you touch an outlet or a switch. Second, residual energy may accumulate in appliances or electrical equipment and cause the same effect. If either of these things happen, unplug and call emergency electrical service provider as soon as possible. This represents an actual threat to your health, so do not put off repairs at all.

2 – Browning and Burning

Brown coloration on an outlet or switch, the smell of something burning, or heat at your fingertips indicates a serious problem that needs attention immediately. Of course, if you actually see smoke or claims, get out of the building and phone 999. Call an emergency electrician and explain the severity of the problem. Do not use that switch or plug until the expert arrives and makes necessary repairs.

3 – Buzz or Popping Noise

Interrupted electrical lines and damaged connections can cause unusual noises. If you flip a switch or plug in a gadget and hear a pop or buzz, unplug immediately and call for an electrician right away. These sounds indicate an interruption in the wiring that can end up causing sparks and a fire.

4 – Blown Fuses or Tripping Circuit Breakers

Fuses below and circuit breakers trip occasionally. This is one headache that property owners need to deal with. However, if either of these things happens frequently, it means your electrical system takes on more power than it can manage safely. You need an upgrade so you can continue to enjoy uninterrupted service in the future.

5 – No Electricity

If all the power in your home or business stops working, first make sure there are no interruptions to service in your area. If it is just your house, call an emergency electrician in London as soon as possible. Not only you want energy restored swiftly, but this type of problem indicates something serious going on with your wires and switches.

The same holds true if you lose power to one or more outlets or rooms. Do not attempt to use the power. Instead, ask yourself, “Who is the best electrician near me?” and give them a call right away.

Emergency electrician services we handle a wide variety of repairs and improvements to keep your home or business safe and running smoothly. Although they provide other services like outlet upgrades, new installations to avoid overloading, and safety improvements, the above-mentioned situations represent immediate problems that need help from the best emergency electricians London has to offer.

Emergency Electrician

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We treat each home like it was our own ensuring it is left clean, tidy and causing as little disruption as possible.
Works are guaranteed for a minimum of 1 year. Engineers are NICEIC approved with a minimum of 5 years in industry.


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Our electricians have the best training and equipment ready to handle any electrical problem you have. Don’t wait until tomorrow when you can call us today and sleep peacefully knowing all is well with full lights restoration in your home. Our London electricians have been serving London and the surrounding areas for long and have encountered different emergency electrical problems so whatever problem you are experiencing; our London Electrician is more than capable of handling the situation efficiently. Get in touch with Positive Contractors today for any of your emergency electrician services requirements.

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