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Emergency lighting expertise to advise your business on the latest regulations

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    Emergency lighting installation, design and testing:

    • Emergency lighting test with minimal disruption (Can offer out of hours)
    • Offer free quotes and fix and faults
    • Ensure compliance
    • Issue Testing Certificates
    • Provide an ongoing service, with same-day fixes when repairs are needed
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    We’ll take care of your emergency lighting compliance from start to finish

    By Law you are required to have emergency lighting within your commercial premises. The system should be periodically tested, inspected and maintained to remain 100% compliant. We can provide a service to create floor plans and label each light and keep a file on exactly what repairs have been completed to which light. A logbook will be provided to keep records on when the tests have been carried out to make sure you meet statutory requirements. Positive Contractors pride ourselves in quality services and offer ways to help you save money and keep you safe and complaint.

    Prescribed safety measure for commercial properties in the UK

    Stay on the light side of the law.

    Heavy penalties can be issued to businesses who fail to meet these requirements, so it’s important to remain complaint at all times.
    Emergency lighting regulations are a prescribed safety measure for commercial properties in the UK – and for good reason. The UK’s standards for this play an important role in the safety of your commercial property, especially in an evacuation situation. In an emergency situation when the main power supply fails, it is required to provide automatic lighting for the building. It is vital that this illumination gives guidance and reassurance, helping people exit a building safely.
    Emergency lighting test is also required to ensure that your its working as it should. Positive Contractors are able not only to carry out these inspections, and carry out any remedial works to any of its problems at the source.
    At Positive Contractors, we have the emergency lighting expertise to advise your business on the latest regulations and standards to ensure both safety and compliance. Our ongoing maintenance service and testing will allow you to focus on running your business, secure in the knowledge that your emergency lighting needs are being taken care of.

    Some Of More Benefit Of Emergency Lighting

    Climatic change is bringing about patterns of extreme weather conditions across the world. One of the instant damages of these conditions such as heavy snowfall or downpours can be electricity breakdown from the main supply. This can not only lead to financial losses for businesses in terms of incidents of theft during the time of the electricity outage but can affect the reputation of the business in the eyes of the customers for being unsafe in the case of contingencies.

    Likewise, vulnerable groups such as children and elderly become scared in case of electricity breakdowns in the hours of darkness in their homes.

    Installation of emergency lighting is a mandatory requirement for all businesses as per the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005.

    Positive Contractors Ltd is a name of trust for more than 25 years earned on the basis of its quality services.

    Positive Contractors also offer installation for both commercial as well as domestic premises as one of its services.

    The salient features of emergency lighting offered by Positive Contractors are:

    1. Emergency lighting system operated with batteries.
    2. They are automatically switched on in the event of an electricity breakdown.
    3. They are available for both commercial and domestic consumers
    4. Rates offered by Positive Contractors Ltd are affordable and competitive (free estimate for installation is also available).
    5. Back up time of the emergency lighting system is minimum three hours.
    6. Battery warranty time of six months is also a part of the package.
    7. A complete installation package under the supervision of Positive Contractors Ltd professional technicians is available.
    8. Maintenance contract for after sales services is available whereby our engineers would visit the business premises/house a minimum of two times annually.
    9. Immediate response by Positive Contractors is included in case of any problems/defects developed, even after the end of warranty period.
    10. Conformity to the UK standard of BS5266 and BS5588

    On contacting Positive Contractors Ltd, you will receive a customized approach with services tailored to your unique needs. Our technical staff have been trained in the skills of communication and have obtained professional certifications.

    Contact Positive Electrical today and get the best possible value for your money. We have the knowledge, skills and experience needed to overcome any issue and maintenance of emergency lighting in your business or your home.

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