At Positive Contractors Ltd., you can always expect that the services you receive are indeed the best of quality.

  • We will never put your safety at risk.
  • We will take care of your electrical needs.
  • We absolutely provide professional and skilled local electrician that can give you the solution for every electrical concern you have.
  • We offer insurance for our services.
  • Finally our local electrician can provide tips likewise recommendations to help you in maintaining your equipment.

What our Essex Best Local Electricians offers:

Our local electricians are ensured with the right training likewise equipped with adequate experience to handle electrical repairs and replacement. Apart from this we importantly not only aim to bring efficiency but also ensures safety to our work.

Our services are openly available, moreover you could always reach us and we are one call away.

These are the services that we offer:

  • Electrical components fault detection.
  • Test and inspection.
  • Installing new sockets.
  • Providing complete or partial wirings.
  • Replacing lighting fixtures.
  • LED/Pin light replacement.
  • Doorbell installation and replacement.
  • Repair and install circuit breakers.

Why choose us?

We at Positive Contractors Ltd. understand the nerve-wracking problems that faulty electricals can give. For this reason we built this family-owned business to provide solutions to ease every electrical problem at home as well as commercial establishments. You can undoubtedly trust us to take the stress away in addition to this we clearly ensure to be on time for an appointment along with the right tools, the professionalism, and a team who are absolutely always ready to work.

Our main office is located at 113 Lambourne Road Chigwell Essex IG7 6EN.

You can reach us through this information:

Phone number: 0208 227 0035

Please Click here to check full range of our services. Alternatively, you can contact us by phone or email & to visit our Facebook page Click Here,  We are earnestly looking forward to serve your needs.