Importance of testing your Building’s Fire Alarms

Fire alarm systems are an important emergency system for every business establishment. Testing the alarm does exactly what the name implies: it ensures that the alarm system is still operational, especially in times of emergency. That is why the system must be well-tested and inspected regularly. At Positive Contractors, we will install the systems for your establishment and ensure maintenance and regular testing.

Every year, fire causes significant damage to businesses and can even lead to bankruptcy. Of course, the financial loss is only part of the story, as some fires result in the loss of life. Although the precautions may be of utmost, it is worth it at the end of the day. Remember, you are responsible for your building and the people within. Keep your emergency systems tight and have fire alarm testing from licensed professionals.

We provide the benefits you can enjoy when you have regular alarm testing in your business:

  • Save You Money with Fire Alarms system

Lots of property insurance provide discounts when a business establishment has fully-functional fire alarm testing and has up-to-date fire alarm testing records. Some providers even require you to install a fire alarm before they will ensure your business. Furthermore, when a business fire alarm system is faulty and malfunctioned during a fire outbreak, the owner will be liable to lawsuits if the employees suffered injuries as well as the customers.

  • Save Lives – Fire Alarms

The most important reason to install a fire alarm is to keep your employees, customers, and tenants safe in the building. Regular testing for your emergency devices can easily identify problems in your systems and provide a solution to fix them. Fire and smoke detectors work together to detect fires and alert building occupants, giving them plenty of time to evacuate safely. It must be fully operational in cases of fire to avoid risking lives and fatal injuries, or worst, death.

  • Meet Requirements by the Law

Every city has a strict ordinance that requires every establishment to have working emergency systems including fire alarms. These testing will help in ensuring that your fire alarms are up to date and won’t fail during a crisis. This will also help in increasing customers’ trust in your business since they know that they are safe.

  • Decreasing Legal Costs using Fire Alarms 

Fire alarm testing ensures that your precautionary devices for fire outbreaks are ready to stand their roles. When these measures are operational when a disaster occurs, the system should inform and guide everyone to proper exit points. If your alarm system is found to be inadequate or not working properly, you may be subject to fines, imprisonment, or notices prohibiting you from conducting certain business activities until they are fixed.

Avoid further damages to your business and keep your customers and employees away from danger. Inquire for fire alarm testing now.