You already know that you should replace your filter frequently. However, you need to how often you should replace your air filter.


Technically, your home’s central air conditioning filter is crucial for lowering allergy levels and maintaining minimal dust. Many HVAC filters recommend replacing your filter once a month to keep dust and allergens to a minimum.


Generally, most HVAC companies and manufacturers advise replacing your air filter every 90 days or three months. Depending on your home’s location (such as in dusty, dry areas), whether you have pets, and the system and equipment’s age. We advise changing your filter every 20–45 days for houses with several dogs or persons with allergies or respiratory disorders. If you have pets, you should think about doing it every 60–90 days or every two months. You may usually wait to replace filters in vacant or rarely used vacation homes for 9 to 12 months. According to others, you should replace your air filter more frequently the more you use your home.

Aside from improving the air quality in your home, cleaning your AC filter can also help you save money. The energy usage of the air conditioner can be reduced by 5 to 15% by replacing a clogged air filter with a fresh one. A cheaper power bill results from using less energy. It is excellent news during summer when electricity prices typically rise.

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