After a hard and stressful workday on Friday, you arrive home late. wishing to make the most of the weekend. Unknowingly, you find a moist spot in your basement that appears to have a leak in it. It was a leak that you located as you followed the moisture looking at it. 

You don’t know if you should fix it right away or if you should wait until the next working day. What would happen if you waited and the issue worsened, spread to other places, and cost you a boatload of money? . Then start looking for plumbers in London.

The old adage “anyone can do plumbing” is no longer true; a plumbing engineer is highly trained in all facets of plumbing system design and installation, contributing to the creation of a deliverable to the client that is functional, integrated, and constructible.

Our plumbing engineers provide a range of proactive and reactive maintenance services.

Have an emergency plumbing issue?

We offer a same day service for all emergency plumbing issues.

Have a new build that is about to come out of warranty?

We offer annual plumbing inspections to test all visible pipework, maintaining the property and preventing the risk of future leaks.

We have a team of highly experienced friendly engineers. They are equipped to complete any works as quickly and efficiently as possible.

The condition of pipes, taps, and heaters will deteriorate after prolonged human usage. It’s wise to keep a plumber’s contact information close to hand in case of an emergency.

At Positive, we understand the unexpected can happen and you find yourself in need of emergency plumbing services… you want issues rectified immediately, safely and economically.

As a family run company we offer a wide array of plumbing services for homeowners and landlords all be it domestic commercial or industrial.