Why You Add New Sockets

The comfort of having all your things organized is the best feeling ever. All your furniture is in the right spot, your lights are functioning, and provide complete lamination in your space, but the question remains, do you have enough sockets for all your electrical devices and in each room?

Certainly, it’s hassle-free if your home has enough electrical sockets for every plug and electronic device. Pretty sure you don’t want to end up running around each room just to find a vacant socket, right?

We at positive contractors gather up the top reasons why you should consider adding new sockets at home:

 Enough Power

With the growing numbers of new technology getting acquired, you should also have enough sockets to cater to these devices. The traditional count of outlets at home might not be enough to provide adequate plugging for every device that needs charging. As the era of great technological innovation kept on growing, adding new sockets at home should also be considered.

More Convenient

Adding new sockets gives total comfort for your plugging or charging needs. You don’t have to seek to deepen and look behind the furniture just to reach that one hidden socket. You can be able to reach and charge your phone while sitting on your comfy sofa.

Improves Safety

Sometimes, we tend to use extension cords if we are in a place far from sockets. This can be dangerous and cause potential threats if you have chords crawling around your floor and across rooms. These chords can trip someone at home and cause injuries.

Additionally, extension outlets are prone to overloading which can lead to an explosion. Consider adding new sockets in your lovely home for safer and more peaceful living.

Adding Sockets – Pro and Safety Tips

Adding new sockets, whether at home or in the office, can’t be as challenging as it sounds if you know what you’re doing.

Electrical sockets adds as surfaced or flush-mounted. Surface-mounted sockets are easier. You only need to screw the mounting box onto the wall and let the cable run with the faceplate attached while flush-mounted sockets are safer, look better, and are less prone to damages.

However, if you are uncertain about adding new sockets, you can always hire professionals for the job and eliminate your doubts. Additionally, professional electricians can ensure safety and dependability since they have the right knowledge, expertise, and tools for the job.

Before deciding to do electrical works, keep in mind these safety precautions before doing so:

  • Always turn off the main power of your fuse box. separate the circuit you want to work on by safely removing the circuit fuse. Place the parts to safety to avoid losing them.
  • You can also shut down the breaker, but don’t forget to put a note so you can advise anyone that you’re currently working on the circuit.
  • DO NOT forget to check if the circuit is dead using a tester such as a voltage tester or a meter.

And since we prioritize safety for every electrical work. Here are the needed safety and pro tips for adding new sockets:

Adding new sockets on walls

Height should be considered primarily for adding new socket on walls. The standard height for built-in socket is usually ± 25 cm from the floor.

Cutting sockets pipes

In cutting electrical sockets pipes, you should consider the construction of your flooring. Measuring the proper length of your floor insulation and your concrete slab will give you the applicable measurement for your socket box.

Adding New Socket for Outdoors

Sockets in gardens are efficient for outdoor events or your Christmas decorations for this reason, adding a special type of waterproof socket is needed. Waterproof sockets will avoid your electricals for damages caused by rain or threats from bad weather.

Safety Distances for Bathroom socket

Planning to add electrical sockets in the bathroom should follow the safety rules to avoid risks.

The standard requirement for adding a new socket in bathrooms should be at least 60 cm from the bath, shower, or sink.

Remember, you can always hire people to do this job if you want it to be perfect and risk-free. We at Positive Contractors run a socket installation service at home or in the office in London. Get in touch with us to learn more.

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