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Remember that backyard you were able to neglect all winter long? If you are not jumping right away to get at those tangled weeds, add some ambient lighting for entertaining. You will be surprised what a difference it can make. During this season, many of us spent our days preparing outdoor spaces, as well as our nights enjoying summer air. Lighting is one of the easiest (and least-expensive) ways to cast an enchanting spell on any outdoor space. Try these ideas when you want to illuminate a setting and create a distinctive mood & arrange out door light is one of them.

Summertime lighting can be outdoor or indoor, depends on occasion, from large family barbecues to intimate nights with your partner. Outdoor lighting designs vary as well. From outdoor Tables, lit the table with kerosene lanterns so that, it is easy to fill and light. As a result, it will provide same shimmering glow as candles — but unlike candles, they won’t blow out. They can be set down or hung by their handles at strategic points on the terrace or in the garden. You can use oversize Glowing Shell Arrangement shells to bring a touch of the seashore — and a bit of romantic atmosphere — to an evening at home.

With Vellum Shields, Cocktails at sundown are more memorable when you supplement the waning daylight with Asian-inspired lanterns and Origami Lanterns. Light up your outdoor space with glowing tiki torches. Using Colored bands of sand to dress up votive candles to make flickering lights that are cheerful and fun. Turning glass candleholders into stylish accessories by dressing them in decorative fabric.

Even in summertime when the sunlight hours are long, lighting and lamps are an imperative feature of interior design adding instant atmosphere, color and reflection to a casual summer table or the patio as with lighting your fixture shouldn’t have to be on to shine, for for social media view click here