A landlord is not an easy role to have. He has to ensure safeness in the property to keep renters or buyers at peace. One primary job to ensure the happiness of the people on the property is thorough maintenance.

Positive Contractors offer property maintenance services for every landlord, homeowner, or property owner in London, guaranteeing 100% satisfaction and safety. Equipped with the right tools to do the job easily, we help also landlords gain more tenants due the perfect  maintenance we delivered.

Let us also help keep up with your property maintenance:

Check your Doorbell

Welcoming a tenant or homebuyer always starts with a doorbell. Make sure that your doorbell is completely functioning, and if not, maybe it’s about time for a repair or replacement.

Property maintenance services include doorbell, doorknob repair and installation, furthermore, we can help ensure that these devices are working properly.

Restore Dead Outlets

Make it a habit to have an annual outlet checking in your property for any defects that needs troubleshooting. We have professional electricians and engineers that can manage dead outlets and restore back their power.

Exhaust Fans Clean up.

Our property maintenance services include as well as the cleaning of your property’s exhaust fans while ensuring that your fans function properly and to their full performance.

Clean Your Drains

Don’t wait up for your drains to clog because it is better to have an advanced drain clearing before it’s too difficult to clear up your drains.

Clean Up Gutters

Maintain gutters at least twice a year because our property maintenance services can help you in taking care of excess debris filling up your gutters.

You can also avoid the further cost of damages if you have a maintained gutter.

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