When and How its time to Replacing Ovens

Every mouth-watering delicacy always starts from every kitchen oven. Ovens are a home necessity, and like every appliance in your house, maintaining them should be a priority as well.

Cooks at heart know the importance of ovens. That’s why replacing ovens when they have reached the end of their lifespan is one to take note of.

The importance of replacing faulty kitchen appliances is necessary in keeping your home and family aways from risks. From 2019 up to 2020, there were an estimated number of 153, 000 fires that occurred in the UK. One notable cause of these fires are the cooking appliances. There were an estimated 15, 702 fires (48%) that were caused by faulty cooking appliances

Unfortunately, not everyone is an expert to oversee when is the right time to replace ovens. Luckily, we at Positive Contractors share these tips that will help you determine when is the best time for replacing ovens.

Heat is escaping from the wrong exits.

Ovens release heat from a certain exit point by following a system of mechanisms. Most ovens have a vent located at the top or bottom to serve as a way for heat to escape. But, if you feel waves of heat coming through the door, under your oven, or anywhere it shouldn’t come from, then that’s the sign that there’s something wrong and probably the time for replacing ovens.


Ovens should not have rust inside them, but some are vulnerable to it. Well, a little rust would not hurt your oven, but excessive rust will surely damage it. Too much rust only means that your oven’s interior is losing integrity, and the rust flakes could be dropping to your food. Now, you don’t want that.

Oven Repair, again?

How often do you repair your oven? Constant oven repairs lead to a greater chance of your oven giving up. Ovens have components that will only last for a certain lifespan, (electric ovens last to 13 years and 15 years for gas ones) which means that repairing them will only prolong their use for a short time. In this case, replacing ovens can be more efficient than having to repair them from time to time.

The Pilot Light is not constantly lit.

Another notable sign to replacing ovens!

The pilot light is the thing that ignites heat in your oven. But, if your pilot light is damaged or old, it will eventually stop working. Probably you have experienced lighting pilot light manually, it is already a sign that your oven is reaching its limit.

Cleaning your oven becomes impossible.

Now we have reached the end of our tips of the best time to replace ovens. Cleaning your oven when it’s brand new will only take you a minute or two, but as your equipment gets older and older, it will likely get more dusted and very difficult to clean. Ovens have a self-cleaning function, this works when the oven raises its temperature between 800 to 1000°F for several hours to burn spills, stains or even food particles but the excess amount of food drips and grime can destroy them. Hiring professionals to clean your oven is more convenient and time-saving, though cleaning a single oven can range from £ 45 – £60 and £65 for a double.

We know it’s hard to let go of the equipment that has been in your possession for who knows how long. However, do think of the outcome if you keep on disregarding the fact that your oven has already come to an age. Replacing ovens should be on your watch list too.

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