When sewage backs up in your basement, your toilets won’t flush, or heavy rain floods your home. It can be one of the most stressful experiences a homeowner can face. A proper sewer cleaning can prevent damage to other utility infrastructure serving your home and clear a blockage.

Most homeowners, however, only pay little attention to their sewer lines once a problem occurs. Fixing a problem or hiring a professional can become an expensive task.

How to tell if you need sewer cleaning.

Here are some signs your sewer line is clogged, and you need a plumber:

  • Multiple drains are clogged
  • Slow drains
  • Smelly drains
  • A sewer cleanout is full of sewage
  • Waste builds up in the floor drain

Common Causes of Blockage

The buildup of grease, oil, fats, and even detergent and soap residue can clog drains. Do not wash hot grease with hot water; instead, pour it into a container and discard it once it solidifies.

Like grease and other substances, shampoo can collect in pipes and block sewer lines. In the same way, hair buildup can cause sewer line blockages.

You shouldn’t flush items like facial tissues, disinfectant wipes, Swiffer, paper towels, hair, tampons, or plastic down the toilet. These items should be disposed of in a trashcan to avoid clogging sewer pipes.

Regular sewer cleaning will reduce the chances of your pipes clogging and causing damage. Despite our best efforts, however, we would still be unable to stop all the problems our sewer line might encounter. 

You need to take action immediately if you notice clogged drains, sewage leaks, or signs of a problem outdoors. Therefore, contact Positive Contractors for sewer cleaning services. We offer sewer cleaning services to diagnose the problem and take care of necessary repairs and cleaning. Our team will make sure that your pipes are as clear as when they were new after we clean them.