Electrical wiring intends to last a long time, which is why we typically overlook it until something goes wrong. Electrical wires lose some of their efficiency as they age, and the insulation surrounding them also starts to deteriorate. This can have severe consequences for your home.

Rewiring your house if your electrical system isn’t working is sometimes the best option. House rewiring may seem like a significant financial investment. Still, it lowers your chance of having a home fire, boosts the value of your house, enhances its security, lowers your electricity costs, and expands the electrical capacity of your house. Continue reading to find out if it’s time to rewire your home.


Frequently blown fuses

Older model fuses that cannot withstand this electricity blowing are due to the increasing number of electronics and electrical appliances in our home. If your fuse blows frequently, you might need to replace outdated circuit breakers with more modern ones.

Limited Number of Outlets

In general, older homes don’t have enough outlets. Consider house rewiring if you frequently use multiple power strips and extension cords to run your appliances.

Flickering Lights

Do the lights in one or more rooms in your home constantly flicker? Suppose you’ve double-checked that your lightbulbs twist in properly and are still frequently flickering. In that case, you should arrange an electrical inspection by contacting a trusted electrician. Lights that flicker frequently indicate faulty electrical connections, which could mean a significant issue with your home’s wiring.

A slight burning odor

Usually, a minor fire from an electrical short near your switches would produce a slight burning scent. Your wire may be shorting behind walls or floors if you smell burning but cannot locate the source. An experienced electrician should check your home as soon as they notice any strange burning odor.

Power fluctuations

Loose wiring, overloaded outlets, or a conductor bringing power to your home that is too small can all result in power fluctuations. Suppose there are power fluctuations, and you are not daisy-chaining any equipment. In that case, there could be a more severe issue with your electrical wiring. House rewiring may be the solution to this problem.

When you touch a cord, you get shocked by electricity

Nobody loves being shocked by electricity, especially your children. You should call your local electrician immediately for a home electrical safety assessment if you recently felt a tiny electrical shock while touching a line or cable.


Although DIY projects can be a lot of fun, you should leave the rewiring of your home to the experts. Working with electrical wiring can be incredibly dangerous for people who are not specialists. Electrical shock, ruined equipment, and electrical fires can result from improper handling of electrical cables.

For all of your electrical wiring and house rewiring needs, contact Positive Contractors. We’ll carefully examine your existing wiring to evaluate its condition and decide whether it needs replacement. You can trust our experts to approach the task with the utmost urgency and take care of it quickly and on schedule, whether you only need one room or the entire house rewired.