Positive Contractors Ltd, offers the services of ‘Emergency Electrician’ whereby we provide electricians for catering to such emergency situations. The staff of The Emergency Electrician are trained in the field of communication as well as nerves management so as to face emergency situation with calmness and courage. You would therefore have a calming experience dealing with them. This ranges from a simple power outage to extreme scenarios will be mention below


Best Emergency Electricians

The use of electricity and electrical items has become such a basic necessity of life which without modern life isn’t possible. Facilities like indoor heating or food preparation at home or conducting basic operations at businesses such as running workstations or photocopiers etc. isn’t possible without electricity. Even one can get communication less if battery of the cell phone is not charged on time.

However, use of electricity or electrical items cannot be declared 100% free from hazards at any time. In case of problems such as short circuiting or electrical items coming into contact with water, there can be serious issues like shocks coming from electrical items/appliances, arc shocks or blasts, fire or even explosion in extreme conditions. If left unchecked, all this can be harmful not only for domestic or commercial premises but even also for human life.

Therefore, you can call our ‘emergency electrician’ in case of any of such scenario or in regular basis visit by clicking here to our social media page.

Emergency Electrician available

 key features

Services offered

The ‘emergency electricians’ offered by Positive Contractors Ltd entail these features:

  1. Availability of technicians at the site of emergency within one to two hours’ time.
  2. Inspection of your system and repair of faults.
  3. Quick deactivation/replacement of any hazardous articles such as shock emitting switches / appliances.
  4. Technicians from ‘Emergency Electricians’ would carry all the safety equipment to cater to the situation of any life-threatening emergency.
  5. Free briefing of staff/ family members on the safe use of electrical items would be a part of the service.
  6. Rates charged by ‘Emergency Electricians’ are affordable (free estimate for replacement of burnt items is also available).
  7. One year guarantee is also available on all repair/replacement works.