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-Local Electrician

Local Electrician for Electrical repairs of major nature

Operation of electrical devices involve works of major nature; residential and commercial premises have major network of underground wiring installed. There are heavy electrical items like central cooling/heating set ups, transformers, generators placed at the premises.

Any malfunction of these electrical items can cause a major amount of trouble and it might not be possible to have proper sleep if central cooling/heating system malfunctions at night time.

Positive Contractors Ltd, therefore, offers the services of Local Electrician for catering to such major repair requirements of its customers.

Local Electrician service has these features:

  • Round the clock availability
  • Repair of a wide range of products of major nature.
  • Free onsite visit/estimates are available for these repairs.
  • Offering competitive/affordable rates for services.
  • One year guarantee for the repairs.
  • NICEIC approves and qualifies the staff for the job.
  • Staff trains in field of communication to provide best customer experiences.
  • Offering outdoor services for repairs even in the absence of customers.
  • Electrical products looked after also constitutes a wide range such as from sockets to TV to electrical geysers as well as to transformers etc.
  • Additional items supplied by Local Electricians that needs to be installed will be at cost of purchase with no additional charges. Additionaly, purchase receipts of such items will be presented to customers for inspection in case of request.

So should there be any problem of major electrical nature, just contact Local Electrician and we assure you to fix and repair any issues.

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