When the power goes out, it might cause you to panic. It might be much more distressing when dealing with something more dangerous, like smoke pouring from your outlets. Knowing when to ask for assistance is a skill every homeowner should acquire. It might not only save you from significant harm in the future, but it also shows that you prioritize household electrical safety.

It might be challenging to know when to contact an on-call electrician. Don’t hesitate to call for help with an electrical emergency. Moreover, when is the right time to reach an on-call electrician?


  • Buzzing and humming – A loud buzzing noise from a breaker box might indicate a broken breaker that is not tripping or has terrible wiring. The risk can expose your house to a wide range of electrical problems.
  • Exposed wires – Uninsulated live cables can cause shock, cardiac fibrillation, neurological problems, and even death. If you notice this anyplace in your home, you’ll need a skilled electrician to fix it.
  • Power loss – A loss of power can occur for various reasons. If you lose electricity, we recommend contacting your electrical provider first to see if they know why you lost control. Suppose they must understand why the issue is most likely in your home.
  • Burning smells – This has the potential to be a significant issue. Burnt plastic odours might indicate broken wires, leading to an electrical fire. Positive Contractors recommends turning off the electricity in the odour area and calling them immediately.
  • Signs of overloaded outlets – Your in-home outlets may be overloaded and overheating if you see charred or brown stains.
  • Water touching electrical components – Water might come into contact with electrical wiring or equipment through a roof leak or a flood in the basement. Shut down all appliances and power should in that area. In addition, clear the site and get an on-call electrician.

Our licensed emergency service technicians will react when you require an on-call electrician. Positive Contractors is always ready to assist you.